Authentic Pro-Quality Youth Voiceovers 

THE HOLLINS VOICEOVER ACTING KIDS Champ and Livi, are professionally trained and experienced voice actors who have some wonderful experience in animation, e-learning, narration, film, tv, and commercial voice acting!

NOTABLE PROJECTS include Livi's narration for “I Promise”, LeBron James’ first children’s book and Champ featured as a guest star on “Pete the Cat” animated series.

OTHER CLIENTS they’ve had include NBC Universal, Amazon Prime Kids Video, University of Florida, YouTubers, Gaming companies, and more. They have loyalty, dedication, and a tenacity in their pursuit of excellence, having received much positive client feedback! We are equipped with a broadcast quality home studio and can provide recordings typically in 24-48 hours!







Champ began his acting career 7 years ago when he participated in his school theater program.  He then began his formal vocal training and earned lead roles in several musical theater productions including "Young Simba" in the Lion King and "JoJo" in Seussical the Musical.  He then, after being signed with a theatrical agent, started training and working in the TV/Film industry, and after a short time, fell in love with all things Voiceover.  

He began training and coaching with Atlanta Voiceover Studios and the amazing coaches there! He has also trained with Sara Sherman, top animation acting coach for Disney and many big-time franchises!  He was quickly pursued and signed by several of the top agents in the industry including CESD-LA! In his spare time, Champ loves to sing, build LEGOs, research the history and latest happenings of Disney Theme Parks, play football and plenty of Fortnite with his friends!

Champ is 14 years old but has maintained the ability to produce a wide range of vocal ages and characters.  He is professional, easily directed in the booth, fully committed to working hard and persevering until the client is 100% satisfied.  He is kind, positive and highly praised by those he has been fortunate enough to work with in the industry!

Vocal Range: 8yo-16yo

sPECIALIZATION: Animation, Singing,

E-Learning, Commercial




Livi is full of youthful fun, energy, passion and excitement about acting and spending as much time in the booth as possible! She has been following in her big brother's footsteps for the past several years participating in various musical theater productions right alongside him, entered into the TV/FILM acting world, and wanted to try her hand at training and working in VO!

Livi also began her career training and attending workshops provided by Atlanta Voiceover Studios and does ongoing coaching and training sessions! n Livi was recently signed by CESD-LA Youth Voiceover Division and a few reps in different regions.

In her spare time, Livi loves hanging out by the pool with friends, binge-watching hilarious shows with her mom, building and playing on Roblox, singing along with Hamilton, and watching/creating on Tic Toc.


Livi is 11-year-old but is proud of her vocal ability that can believably range from an adorable toddler sound all the way to a mature 13-year-old!  Like her brother, she is professional, extremely comfortable in the booth,  takes direction well and has received wonderful feedback from her clients!


Vocal Range: 4yo-13yo


, E-Learning, Singing



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