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Building the A Team!

Thankful to be a part of the incubator of small business innovators and entrepreneurs being grown and refined through the Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy. We totally get each other and are cheering each other on to greatness.

Meet Ms. Aneisha Turner, our creative director, who is leading our rebranding process. We are only as great as who we surround ourselves with. Thank you for joining our team @artistbynoon!

"The Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy (CEA) is a 9-week business development program, held in the summer, where participants are immersed in a structured environment that helps them refine their business idea. The Academy focuses on three key pillars: 1) building confidence 2) building business and 3) building networks. Eligibility and acceptance into CEA is based on previous participation in AEI/EDGE events. Participants that show strong potential (based on their pitch talent, the strength of the business idea, etc.) are most likely to be accepted into the program.

Those accepted into CEA are provided with a stipend to help support their efforts so that they are able to spend their summer developing their entrepreneurial skills and working on their businesses. The Crimson Entrepreneurship Academy is supported by a generous sponsorship provided by the Medical Properties Trust organization and its CEO and founder, Edward K. Aldag, Jr.."


#nohaters #onlyallies

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