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Down But Not Defeated!

Any suggestions on how to create a makeshift recliner-friendly booth to be used seated with a leg elevated in a recliner?!

Our young VO actor is truly a CHAMP and is so committed to his craft that he wants to keep working, despite having little to no mobility for the next month. I am so inspired to see how hard Champ is working and persevering although he broke his ankle in two places and will have to have surgery to put a screw in to aid in proper healing as the break is extremely close to his growth plates that are not fused together.

Although he is dealing with adversity, he is wanting to figure out a way to continue to work in the business. We have a detached home studio on the property but the doctor does not want him to move except when absolutely necessary for the entire month . Jobs and auditions are continuing to roll in so he wants to persevere and take care of our clients!!! He's down but not defeated!

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