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Who's Who: Meet Our Veteran Artist!


Champ began his acting career 7 years ago when he participated in his school theater program. He then began his formal vocal training and earned lead roles in several musical theater productions including "Young Simba" in the Lion King and "JoJo" in Seussical the Musical. He then, after being signed with a theatrical agent, started training and working in the TV/Film industry, and after a short time, fell in love with all things Voiceover.

He began training and coaching with Atlanta Voiceover Studios and the amazing coaches there! He has also trained with Sara Sherman, top animation acting coach for Disney and many big-time franchises! He was quickly pursued and signed by several of the top agents in the industry including CESD-LA! In his spare time, Champ loves to sing, build LEGOs, research the history and latest happenings of Disney Theme Parks, play football and plenty of Fortnite with his friends!

Champ is 14 years old but has maintained the ability to produce a wide range of vocal ages and characters. He is professional, easily directed in the booth, fully committed to working hard and persevering until the client is 100% satisfied. He is kind, positive and highly praised by those he has been fortunate enough to work with in the industry!

Click HERE to hear some of his latest work samples!

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